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1 Career choices PowerPoint assignment
Shane StewartveterinarianCareer choices PowerPoint assignment

2 The job that I want is to be veterinarian
Job description You have to go to animal behavior college.You have to work in real life experiences.Be able to go on vocational training program. Be able to make a animal bond.strong academic foundation. Being veterinarian is a complicating job

3 Working conditions 1 responsible for clients health and well being
2works in a sterile clinical settings3 get to choose types and sizes if animals they work on4 have to perform routine task5 have to complete undergraduate coursework

4 earning 1all occupants earn at least 34,750
2 Official veterinarian's make $84,4603 lowest is $51,5304 1out of 3 veterinarians work more than 50 hours per week5 highest is $144,100.

5 education You Have to go to dvm to practice.
You also have to pass state exam.Then go to dvm for 4 years.You need a bachelors degree.Also your bachelors have to be in animal science

ICS 2O1 - Computer Studies » Career Assignment

Career Assignment

Careers in Computers & Telecom

Task: Create a presentation, using Prezi, Movie Maker, PowerPoint, Notebook or any other presentation program, that showcases a career in the Computers & Telecom  industry.

Steps to follow:

1) Select a Career from the careers listed in the Computers and Telecom Cluster in Career Cruising. (or select another computer-related career not listed in Career Cruising). ( - Username: idci - Password: bombers)

(Everyone in the class should have a different careers.)

Business Systems Analyst - availableGIS Specialist - availableIT Project Manager - availableBroadcast Technician - available 
Video Game Developer - availableE-Business Consultant - availableVideo Game Development  - availableElectronics Engineering Tech - availableMultimedia Developer - available
Information Security Analyst - availableCable Installer & Repairer - availableElectronics Repairer - availableDatabase Developer availableData Mining Specialist - available
Website Developer - availableComputer Programmer - availableComputer Scientist - availableGraphic Designer - availableWeb Designer - available
Webmaster - availableComputer Animator - availableComputer Hardware Engineer - availableComputer Repair Technician - available 
Web Designer -availableComputer Software Engineer - available

Computer Support Person - available

Computer Network Specialist - available 

2) Research the Career using Career Cruising and other websites.

( - Username: idci - Password: bombers)

3) Summarize the information in each of the categories shown. (Create one or two bulleted points from each paragraph of information. DO NOT JUST COPY AND PASTE.)

  • Job Description ~ Describe what the job requires you to do.
  • Working Conditions ~ What are typical working conditions?
  • Earnings ~ What salary can you expect to earn?
  • Education ~ What courses / programs / areas of study are needed?
  • Career Path ~ What are the opportunities for advancement?
  • Related Careers ~ If you don't get a job in this field, what are some related fields where your training / experience can be used?
  • Companies in the Community or nearest major city ~ Do a google search and list companies
  • Personal Reflection ~ What do you find appealing about this career? Do you possess the learning skills/aptitude needed for this career? Why would / wouldn’t you consider this career?
  • Video Link – try to find an informative video that explains the selected career.
  • References – list the URL / websites where you found the information for your presentation

4) Create the presentation by typing the information gathered from your internet research. Include pictures from the internet to supplement your written information. Make sure that the font that you choose is easy to read and large enough to see on the SmartBoard, from the back of the class. (Royalty free music can be added from the website )


Presentation Marks

Your presentation will be marked on the content, as well as the presentation.

  • Content: means the information - Have you included all of the points listed above? i.e. working conditions, earnings, education, etc.... Did you find a suitable video clip?

  • Presentation: considers how well done, the actual presentation is. For example:

    • Did you use a font size that is easily read?

    • Do you have short, bulleted points that summarize the information?

    • Is all spelling and grammar correct?

    • Are the words/letters easily seen, against the background?

    • If you created a movie to present the information, has sound been added?

    • If you created a movie, is the pacing suitable? i.e. Is there time to read the information as it is shown on the screen?

    • When presenting, do you know the information and can you pronounce the words correctly?

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