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Biological Sciences with Foundation Year Personal Statement

At the current time I am a full time carer for adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities, I am very passionate about my job and have dedicated myself to helping people. After earning my degree I would like to continue to help people but in a different way. Earning a degree in Biological Sciences will allow me to go on into further study and help a wider group of people in a more academic manner.

When making my GCSE choices I made the decision to study Biology as a twilight course, it was during this course that I first discovered an interest in genetics. During the two year course I became increasingly intrigued by the topic. In my final years at school I also studied physical education, this combined with my science GCSE's and Biology also lead me to develop an interest in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. I continued to study Biology at an AS level before deciding that I wanted to gain some experience of the working world before I continued my academic studies. While studying at AS level I became enthralled by the complexity of the human body and the processes it carries out. Through my current working role I have become fascinated by the many causes of individual learning disabilities and have, over the past two years, developed an even stronger desire to learn more about the genetics behind these conditions and how this affects their presentation. During my school work experience placement I worked in various roles within the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Hull. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed and I knew then that I wanted to study Biological Sciences at university in the future. Some of my placement was spent working on a transmission electron microscope; whilst doing this I found myself amazed by the intricacy and complexity of individual cells, even more so by how something so small is capable of carrying out essential functions and can form entire organisms. I have previously volunteered with St John Ambulance as a First Aider and Badger Leader, during my time volunteering I worked to support young children in learning life saving skills, working as part of a team and how to be active and healthy among other subjects. I also spent time doing my own training in to be an effective member of a team providing first aid to the public on duty at events. I train in Ju-Jitsu and currently hold a second Dan Black Belt, through my training I have learned how to defend myself from all manner of threatening behaviours, as well as keeping fit and learning discipline. I spent time teaching younger students basic defence skills and then as they progressed more complex skills, this teaching lead to me being awarded my assistant instructors certificate. I have also learned about body mechanics relating to self defence and about certain aspects of Chinese Medicine such as acupressure, massage and chiropractic techniques. After completing my degree I would like to continue my studies and earn a masters degree in genetic counselling. My end goal is to become a genetic counsellor, this way I will be helping families to make informed decisions by having a greater understanding of what a genetic condition may entail and supporting these families through any difficult times. I currently work with individuals and their families providing both emotional and physical support, and by becoming a genetic counsellor I can continue to provide this support to people diagnosed with similar conditions and their families.


Universities Applied to:

  • University of Hull (Biomedical Science with Foundation Year) - Unconditional Offer - Firm
  • University of Hull (Biology with Foundation Year) - Unconditional Offer - Insurance
  • University of Hull (Human Biology with Foundation Year) - Unconditional Offer - Insurance

Grades Achieved:

  • Biology (AS) - D
  • Chemistry (AS) - C
  • Matgematics (AS) - D
  • Psychology (AS) - C

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Molecular Biology Personal Statement 1

As I sit here, attempting to explain my love of biology, I have become aware of the many biological processes that are permitting this activity: nerve impulses generated through the influx of sodium into my neurones; the action of actin and myosin eliciting muscle contraction; even my own introspection, a process yet to be fully understood. The wonder of biology lies in its generality; the processes that I have mentioned occur in a huge variety of organisms, others are universal to all life and the discovery and understanding of these processes at their most basic, molecular level is where my fervour for biology lies.

During my A2 studies, I have found the topic of respiration to be of significant interest. Researching the role of coenzymes and discovering more about the systems involved in ATP synthesis has driven me to advance my knowledge of cellular biology as a whole. Genetics provides the blueprint for all biological functions and is an area of molecular biology for which I exhibit great enthusiasm. Reading around the subject has increased my familiarity with genetics beyond the specification. James D. Watson’s “The Double Helix” has provided me with a more in-depth understanding of the molecular structure and function of DNA whilst, at the same time, evoking within me a curiosity to study, and desire to solve the many unanswered questions, such as the mechanism of senescence, that still remain in genetics.

John Timbrell’s “The Poison Paradox” was also a book that appealed to me greatly as it has enabled me to enhance my knowledge of organic chemistry whilst providing an absorbing insight into how chemicals that are essential to life can also be highly toxic when present in higher concentrations. I have also attended lectures at Newcastle University discussing olefin metathesis catalysts in which large, organic molecules with specialised properties can be synthesised through the addition of atoms and functional groups from other compounds. Discussions of the potential benefits of such research in the development of new drugs proved to be of particular interest.

I have also attended a conference hosted by the Global Student Forum focusing on issues surrounding global development entitled “Dying for Life: Save the mothers, save the world” which taught me about the real-world applications of biological research in the development of drugs, issues surrounding maternal health as well as the economic side of medicine. My classmates and I are also planning on delivering a presentation to other pupils to help improve awareness of the issues raised during the conference. This has enabled me to expand on my analytical and communication skills through participating in group discussions, whilst also enhancing my leadership skills and self confidence. My studies in psychology have provided me with a solid understanding of different research methods in addition to increasing my skills of interpretation of quantitative data. My studies in critical thinking have given me the skills to construct sound logical arguments, a skill relevant in the process of all biological investigations.

Outside of school, I am an avid reader of classic literature and popular science. I find reading to be a welcome break from my studies as well as being both mentally stimulating and thought provoking. I also engage in more physical activities, such as football, which have shown me the need for dedication when trying to achieve one’s objectives.

I am both dedicated and excited to further my knowledge of a subject that thoroughly engrosses me and await, with eager anticipation, the challenges that university life will offer.


Universities Applied to:

  • University of Sheffield (Molecular Biology) - Offer Firm
  • University of York (Biology) - Offer
  • University of Lancaster (Cell Biology) - Offer Insurance
  • University of Glasgow (Molecular and Cellular Biology) - Offer
  • University of Leicester (Biological Sciences) - Offer


Grades Achieved:

  • Psychology (A2) - A*
  • Geography (A2) - A
  • Biology (A2) - B
  • Chemistry (AS) - B

Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

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