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This is a FREE form I developed to help me document and keep track of interactions I had with my students' parents.It's like a phone log but is designed for recording all important interactions with students' families.

The top part of the form leaves room for contact information for whichever adults are in the child's life (since it may not be mom and dad.) The Date/Initiated By/Contact Made chart serves as documentation of the attempts I've made to contact parents as well as the actual conversations. I've had lots of experiences where students' home phones are disconnected, parents don’t answer the phone or return messages, etc., so this format allows me to document my efforts toward communication even when I'm not successful.

This log was invaluable when I was subpoenaed for custody cases, explaining to RTI committees why parents had not yet signed paper work, etc. The log is also really useful if you have highly involved parents, as it will help you keep track of their requests and questions.

The download includes:

* Instructions for using the form

* Instructions for creating a parent-teacher communication log

* Two forms for recording parent-teacher communication

Please note this is a PDF which is NOT editable.

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