Summer Homework Packets For Seventh Graders

(incoming) 7th Grade:

Materials Needed List
2 GB Flash drive - labeled with student’s name

a. Two 2 inch binders (3 ring hard plastic)
b. One ¾” to 1” vinyl (bendable) binder

Binder paper - two reams

Book Covers – four covers (Math, Science, Reading, and Social Studies)

Spiral Notebook – one 200+ page notebook (preferably plastic cover)

Graph paper - one package of quarter inch, double-sided, blue lined, graph paper

Dividers for binders (at least 10) - dividers with plastic tabs with paper inserts, which will be labeled after school begins

Pencils - one package of sharpened pencils (with their own personal sharpener) and/or mechanical pencils…these are what Mr. Reinke prefers students to have.

Colored pencils - two packages (make sure they are sharpened and labeled with your child’s name on the front of the pack)

Pens - 1 package red ball point pens for correcting (not permanent markers that will bleed through the paper)

Pencil pouch - with holes for binder. NO PENCIL BOXES, PLEASE.

Highlighter pen - at least one (any color)

Glue stick: (two large & labeled with child’s name) glue stick is to be kept at school

Ruler - One 12 inch (wood or plastic) with both metric and standard units, Ruler should be in 16th inch units. It should be labeled on the back in permanent marker with your child’s first and last name.

Flash Drive – (a.k.a. Memory Stick/Thumb Drive) These are invaluable for saving writing samples in progress, and for use in the computer lab.

Calculator – Ms. Ford would like students to purchase a Texas Instruments “TI-34” calculator for use at school. This scientific calculator can be purchased at an office supply store such as Office Depot or Office Max. The cost is approximately $20.00.
Protractor - Plastic with ruler on bottom and hole at vertex. Available at Longs or other stores

Compass - An expensive compass is not necessary, but one that can be tightened would be preferable

Running shoes - For P.E. all students are required to wear athletic shoes. Quality “running” shoes are strongly recommended. (Slip-on or flat-soled shoes –like “Vans”-- are not recommended)

ALSO - we strongly encourage students to use “roller” backpacks (as opposed to traditional, shoulder-strap backpacks). Roller backpacks allow the students to safely carry their books to and from school, as well as from class to class - since cubby space is limited, and Roy Cloud does not have lockers available for students.

Reading/Language Arts
Focus is primarily on properly identifying the (nine) parts of speech, and a writing focus on the following (four) areas: Persuasive, Summary, Response to Literature, and (Fictional, Nonfictional and/or Autobiographical) Narratives. Emphasis will be placed on strong thesis and topic sentences, detail and support for these statements, fluid transitions, and summative conclusions. ELA Content Standards

Recommended Summer Reading Lists

Reading Comprehension & Grammar Practice

6-8 Reading/Grammar Practice

Science Practice
(password and user name: roycloud)

(Materials List for Science)
Binder – the flexible 1-inch vinyl binder

Binder paper - students should always have a supply of binder paper in their binders.

Graph paper - one package of quarter inch, double-sided, blue lined, graph paper. This can be kept in the student’s cubby.

Dividers for binders (at least 3 specifically for science) - dividers with plastic tabs labeled (Homework/Classwork, Quizzes/Tests, and Investigations).

Single Subject Spiral Notebook (100-150 pages) - 8 1/2 x 11, spirals on left, not on the top. (PLEASE make sure the notebook is the spiral kind AND NOT THE TEAR OUT type as the tear out fall apart before the end of the year.)

Pencils - one package of sharpened pencils.

Colored pencils - (make sure they are sharpened and your child’s name labeled on the front of the pack). Colored pencils can’t be sharpened in the electric sharpener, so a hand held sharpener is useful.

Pens -
Ballpoint blue and black pen (will be used for note taking and investigations)
Red ballpoint pen for correcting (not permanent markers that will bleed through the paper.

Highlighter pen - at least one (any color)

Paper bag – the large grocery size. On the second day of school we will make a book cover for the science book. I have found that the already made fabric covers end up harming the binding of the books.

Social Studies
7th Grade history covers the years 476CE-1750CE, starting with where 6th grade left off – the fall of Rome. From there, we’ll visit the kingdoms of Medieval Europe, the Muslim people of Arabia, early cultures of West Africa, then over to Asia to learn about Chinese inventions and Japanese culture. Then, we’ll head back to the Americas to explore the Mesoamerican peoples – Mayan, Inca, and Aztec. We end the year by going back to Europe for the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment.

What to review over the summer (for entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades):
-Multiplication facts up to 12 (up to 15 if entering 8th grade)
-Factors of all numbers up to 100
-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Fractions
-Ratios, percents, proportions, measurements and geometry

(6-8th Math Required Materials)
150-sheet Spiral Notebook (preferably with a plastic cover): to be used for math notes only
Loose binder paper
Compass & Protractor
3 x 5 notecards (pack of 100)
Whiteboard markers (2-3)

Math Practice

Math and Science-specific content standards for grades 3-8 can also be found here:

(Great resource for all subjects/grades)

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