1.1.11 Practice Written Assignment Getting To Know You Worksheet

Unformatted text preview: 1/20/2015 acecontent.apexlearning.com/Live/online/french_II_sem_1_h_v2/Unit_1/Lesson_1/Activity_109881/printables/Practice_Assignment388150.htm 1.1.10 Practice: Written Assignment French II Sem 1 (S2794435) Points possible: 60 Practice Assignment Quianna Michel Date: ____________ Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the appropriate family­related nouns. Include the possessive article ma in front of feminine nouns and the possessive article mon in front of masculine nouns. What is my relationship to the following people? ma tante 1. La soeur de ma mère est . mon cousins 2. Le fils de mon oncle est . mon grand-père. 3. Le père de mon père est . Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the appropriate adjectives. Remember that adjectives must agree with the nouns they modify. unique 4. Je n'ai pas de frères ni de soeurs. Je suis fille . célibataire. 5. Tu n'es pas marié. Tu es . monoparentale 6. Cette famille n'a pas de père. C'est une famille . Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the appropriate stressed pronouns. Moi 7. , j'ai deux chats et trois chiens. Lui 8. , il est malade aujourd'hui. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the appropriate forms of either être or avoir. sont 9. Elles veuves. as 10. Tu beaucoup de petits­enfants. Translate the following sentences into French. 11. How old is she? Quel âge a elle? 12. I am the youngest (male) in the family. Je suis le benjamin. 13. We have a stepmother. Nous avons une belle-mère. http://acecontent.apexlearning.com/Live/online/french_II_sem_1_h_v2/Unit_1/Lesson_1/Activity_109881/printables/Practice_Assignment388150.htm 1/3 1/20/2015 acecontent.apexlearning.com/Live/online/french_II_sem_1_h_v2/Unit_1/Lesson_1/Activity_109881/printables/Practice_Assignment388150.htm 14. Here comes the niece of my father­in­law. Voici la nièce de mon beau-père. 15. She is a young mom. Elle est une mère nouvel. 16. We are married! (Use a stressed pronoun to emphasize "we.") Nous sommes marie, nous! 17. She is taller than you. Elle est plus que tu. Answer the following questions with complete sentences. 18. Est­ce que tu as une famille étendue? j’ai une famille étendue Oui, . 19. Est­ce qu'ils sont avec vous? qu’ils sont avec nous Oui, . 20. Es­tu la marraine de cet enfant? je suis la marraine de cet enfant Oui, . Copyright © 2014 Apex Learning Inc. Use of this material is subject to Apex Learning's Terms of Use . Any unauthorized copying, reuse, or redistribution is prohibited. Apex Learning ® and the Apex Learning Logo are registered trademarks of Apex Learning Inc. http://acecontent.apexlearning.com/Live/online/french_II_sem_1_h_v2/Unit_1/Lesson_1/Activity_109881/printables/Practice_Assignment388150.htm 2/3 1/20/2015 acecontent.apexlearning.com/Live/online/french_II_sem_1_h_v2/Unit_1/Lesson_1/Activity_109881/printables/Practice_Assignment388150.htm http://acecontent.apexlearning.com/Live/online/french_II_sem_1_h_v2/Unit_1/Lesson_1/Activity_109881/printables/Practice_Assignment388150.htm 3/3 ...
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Duration: 30 min Activity 1.1.7: Study - Speaking Politely(Documents: Study Sheet)Learn about addressing people in formal and informal social contexts.Duration: 30 min Activity 1.1.8: Study - Where Is Spanish Spoken?(Documents: Study Sheet)Discover cultural and geographic information about Spanish-speaking countries.Duration: 30 min Activity 1.1.9: Quiz - Check-UpTake a quiz to assess your understanding of the material.Duration: 30 min Scoring: 20 Points Earned: _____ Activity 1.1.10: Study - Learning Tip: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine(Documents: Study Sheet)Learn tips that will enable you to get the most out of your study of Spanish.Duration: 15 min Activity 1.1.11: Practice - Written Assignment: Getting to Know You(Documents: Directions, Practice Assignment)Exercise your writing skills.Duration: 45 min Scoring: 60 Points Earned: _____ Activity 1.1.12: - Lesson VocabularyLearn vocabulary words presented in this lesson.Duration: n/a Lesson 1.2: Say What?Activity 1.2.1: Study - Who Are You?(Documents: Study Sheet)Learn about the verb ser(to be).Duration: 30 min Activity 1.2.2: Study - Numbers 0 through 20(Documents: Study Sheet)Learn about the numbers up to 20 as well as cultural facts that will help you remember them.Duration: 30 min Activity 1.2.3: Study - Bits and Bytes(Documents: Study Sheet)Learn essential computer vocabulary. Examine cultural inFuences on technological communication and variations in terminology from one country to another.Duration: 30 min Activity 1.2.4: Quiz - Check-UpTake a quiz to assess your understanding of the material.

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