Art Internship Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter for an Art Internship

Breaking into the art industry can be difficult, but a good cover letter can help you land a coveted internship in the field. Art internships tend to be especially competitive, so mastering the cover letter is just as important as mastering your resume or portfolio. It can help you stand out from the competition and establish you as a serious professional. With these tips and sample cover letter, wow your potential employer.

Make Your Cover Letter Specific

Take the time to tailor your cover letter to meet a specific job description rather than using one template for every application. While specificity takes longer, you're more likely to impress hiring managers with a customized version. It shows you have a strong attention to detail and work ethic. 

Be sure to include highlights of your skills and experience. For instance, if you are proficient with graphic design software, that's important to include. If you have any pieces published, such as a photo you took, that's a terrific achievement and definitely one to include in your cover letter. 

Above all, you want to show the employer what you would bring to the role as an intern. Showcase your skills, passion, and dedication to the field to give yourself the best chance to win an internship. 

Sample Art Internship Cover Letter

Samantha R. Gray
54 East Connecticut Avenue
Ocean City, NJ, 08226
(Home) (302) 333-5555
(Cell) (313) 444-6666

March 10, 20XX

Ms. Cindy Smith
Director of Arts Education
Children’s Museum of the Arts
2002 Lafayette Street
New York, NY, 20202

Dear Ms. Smith:

It is with great interest and enthusiasm that I am applying for the arts education internship advertised in Sunday’s New York Times. This position is exactly what I am looking for and an ideal opportunity for me to use my knowledge, educational background, and experience.

My arts education at Pratt Institute has helped me develop a firm foundation in the arts. The courses I have completed at Pratt, along with my study abroad curriculum in Paris, have prepared me well for a position in arts education. I have always had a passion for the arts, but my undergraduate education has taken my interest to a whole new level. I not only enjoy creating art but am even more enthusiastic when I have the opportunity to teach what I have learned.

For the past two summers, I have worked directly with children at CityArts and the Guggenheim. These experiences were amazing, as my responsibilities included directing major projects planned for the annual summer programming for local children interested in the arts. I was given a concept at the beginning of each summer, and I had complete control of how the projects were to be completed. The children were the creative force and often were the inspiration for the artwork ultimately presented to the public.

I am very excited about the summer opportunity with the Children’s Museum of the Arts since I know that I can definitely make a positive contribution while doing what I love, teaching art to children. I will contact you in one week to discuss my candidacy and see if you have any questions about my education or experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Samantha R. Gray

Sample cover letter for Internship position at Eric Firestone


Art Gallery Intern


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am a junior at Columbia University and am writing to apply for an internship opportunity at ---- Loft. I am very interested in the field of art and art business, and am excited for the opportunity to contribute my writing, research skills, and experience to your growing business.

I am excited about how ---- represents the contemporary art gallery; combining modern and historic artists that work across artistic disciplines. Before beginning university, I spent a year backpacking across Europe, Asia, and South America. While traveling, I spent much of my time perusing local art galleries, curious about the inner workings of the art business. As a creative writer, I am very aware of the importance of showcasing modern art and reviving public interest in the arts. Working at Eric Firestone and learning more about its unique (and sandy) approaches to art exhibition would prove an amazing opportunity to be exposed to the world of art business.

In addition to my creative writing major, I have completed coursework in economics, journalism, and psychology for my concentration in business management. My academic work has strengthened my writing and communication skills, as has my past experience working in a variety of close-knit, fast paced environments. From reporting for a tango newspaper in Buenos Aires, curating online arts and media content for a smartphone app, to running social media for political campaigns, I’ve developed a skill set to help organize scholarship and media for a growing business like ----.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to develop my skills and learn more about what it’s like to work for a contemporary art gallery. Attached is my resume, which goes into further detail about my background and experience. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the value I’d bring by being an intern at ---- Loft.

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