What To Write My Persuasive Essay On Smoking

A List Of Unique Persuasive Essay Topics About Smoking

It is a sad commentary on the attributes of humans that we perceive the rampant rate of people dying from smoking and yet hardly shun this habit. There is something extremely attractive about the kill-stick or the paper cigarette if you will. Writing a persuasive essay on the precept opens up many avenues.

The associated mystique

There is a mystique in the smoke the cigarette liberates with every puff. There is a recurring demand in every throat hit you get with an inhalation. There is a sense of balance you gain with your lips and fingers. They seem twitchy when the stick is not between them.

The connected problems

The problems are huge; it causes too many health problems not to notice; leading to debilitation of lungs and even causing cancer. It also poses significant trouble to those around you. They are referred to as passive smokers.

Tough to honor resolution

Most smokers often resolve to quit the habit but the first day of their quitting throws such withdrawal symptoms that they return to the habit. The more attached you are to smoking; the more courage you will require to quit the habit. Also, there is one part of the brain which keeps cajoling you for one more puff and you concede.

Cutting all corners

The most interesting part about smoking is that it envelops people of all stratum and wok types. Call center executives smoke heavily and many entrepreneurs do the same. Physical laborers take their daily puffs and so do the sedentary workers. The poor and rich are intrinsically united in their lust for the wisps.

An impartial take

Try to construe a piece that presents the facts about cigarette and also explain why it is tough to get off the habit. Keep an objective mindset, even if your family has suffered heavily from this habit. Meanwhile, here is a list of 10 persuasive essays on smoking for your reference –

  1. Should restaurants carry on with smoking zones?
  2. Is electronic cigarette a potent alternative?
  3. Is smoking as bad a habit as drinking alcohol?
  4. Does smoking affect the body more or the mind more?
  5. Has the smoking scenario got more air from celebrity endorsements?
  6. Should it be punishable to smoke in front of kids at home?
  7. What makes cigarettes indispensable; the process or convenience?
  8. Does rehabilitation center actually serve up positive results?
  9. Should cigarette manufacturing companies take partial responsibility for everyone who bodily suffers?
  10. Is smoking a proof of Chaos Theory?

14 Fresh Essay Topics On Smoking For College Students

You may have been asked to write a paper for college based on the topic of smoking. It is entirely possible that you smoke or have smoked in the past simpler; however, even if you haven’t smoked, that shouldn’t stop you from thinking of great ideas to write about.

In order to come up with a good topic, you first have to figure out what sort of approach you want to take. The following suggestions may act as further inspiration, as might the topic ideas listed below.

Focusing on health-related issues about smoking

It may be that you want your essay to be based on any health-related issues that people can suffer from as a result of smoking; for example, you may look at cancer rates as well as any other diseases caused by the habit.

Focusing on facts and figures relating to smoking

Another approach you may take is to focus on facts and figures relating to smoking either in your country or around the globe. For example, you may wish to look at what percentage of people smoke in various countries, how this has changed over time, and any more specific demographics, such as smoking rates between men and women.

Focusing on legal issues surrounding the topic of smoking

In the previous two approaches are not to your liking then you may think about any legal issues related to the topic of smoking, such as smoking bans or minimum age limits.

To give you the extra help, the following is a list of 14 potential topics that you may wish to use:

  1. Should the legal minimum age for buying cigarettes be raised?
  2. Are smoking bans fair?
  3. Should cigarettes be made illegal?
  4. How much money do governments make from tax placed on tobacco?
  5. How much do smoking-related illnesses cost the nation each year?
  6. Should smokers have to pay extra for healthcare?
  7. Should smokers be denied certain healthcare and operations?
  8. Should it be illegal for parents to smoke inside their home if their children are present?
  9. How successful are anti-smoking campaigns?
  10. How has the image of smoking changed over the past half a century?
  11. Why do people start smoking?
  12. Are cigarettes potentially a gateway drug to illegal narcotics?
  13. Should people be able to sue tobacco companies?
  14. How has the portrayal of smokers changed in the film industry and why?

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