Ap World History Essay Thesis Statements

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1 AP World History Writing the Thesis Statement and DBQ Essay

2 What does a good thesis statement do? Takes a stand Answers the question Previews the argument

3 Thesis Write a thesis statement that outlines what you plan to address in your essay. The thesis statement is not a restating of the question. It is an introduction that includes a careful constructed paragraph that lays out what you will write about.

4 Thesis Statement If your thesis statement stated, “some things are similar and some things are different;” that is not a thesis statement. If you begin to write your essay in the introductory paragraph, you have not written a good thesis statement. A thesis statement introduces the three areas you were tasked to address and weaves them into that paragraph.

5 Thesis Statement Example of a good thesis statement: –Two of the most important early civilizations were those of Mesopotamia and Egypt. They developed strong political and social systems that were structured around a strong emphasis on religion. Yet the development of both civilizations was shaped through each one’s environment and resulted in two uniquely separate cultures.

6 Writing the Essay Once you have written a strong thesis, you have an outline to help guide your essay. Don’t include details in your thesis paragraph. You do that in succeeding paragraphs. Conclusion needs to restate the main ideas of your essay. In other words - tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them with details that support your thesis and sum up by a strong conclusion.

7 Data Based Question (DBQ) Essay You will be given between 4 and 10 documents to group and analyze. There is a time limit of 40 minutes in which to write the essay and you will be given an additional 10 minutes to group and analyze the documents. Documents may include maps, pictures, and charts.

8 How do you analyze the documents? You must look for and state three (3) points of view (POV’s). POV’s are identified as to the following: –Who –What –When –Where –Why

9 Document POV’s What is the main idea or topic being said in the document? Why would this person be saying/creating this document at this time and place? How does the document help me answer the question that is being asked?

10 Scoring the DBQ There are a total of 9 points for the DBQ. The basic core consists of either 6 or 7 points. The expanded core will make up the rest of the total points. YOU MUST SCORE ALL BASIC POINTS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE EXPANDED CORE POINTS.

11 Components of the DBQ Essay – Core Points (MANDATORY) Thesis statement that is not just a restating of the question. Using all but one of the documents in your essay. Grouping and thoughtfully analyzing the documents. DON’T LIST DOCUMENTS! Stating the point of view/perspective on minimum of three (3) of the documents Using the documents to support your thesis. Adding an additional document that would help support your thesis.

12 Components of the DBQ Essay – Expanded Core Extremely strong thesis statement. Adding more than one additional document to your essay. Completely and thoroughly answering the question. Remember, you must score all basic points in order to receive expanded core.

Some Dos and Don'ts for thesis writing

Please Note: that these tips are here to help you and additions will be added from time to time, if you have a specific question or issue please send it to Ms. Hinzman through either the main page comment form or as a comment on the blog. 

Donot just restate the question 

Do make a point/ take a position/ make a statement – that you can prove or justify with your supporting paragraphs

Do make sure that it is clear what type of essay it is: 
        - For comparative essays, your thesis should indicate BOTH the similarities and differences, try to demonstrate this by using words like "shared", "similarly"/ "while", "conversely", and "opposingly"
        - For CCOT essays, the thesis should indicate changes and continuities  this can be demonstrated through the use of wording such as: "evolved", "adapted", "progressed", "matured" / "maintained", "remained", and "held onto"
        - For DBQ essays, the thesis should indicate that the conclusion is based on documents or views presented in documents

Do indicate to the reader the way you are organizing your argument– consider this the ‘preview’ of the rest of the essay

Do avoid using words that are vague (examples: very, some, many, a lot, things, stuff, few… ; these are qualifiers which don’t actually convey information – instead try to briefly state one specific example) 

Don’t include items in your thesis that are never mentioned again in the supporting paragraphs

Don’t be afraid to change your thesis to better reflect the rest of the essay (you may find that your thesis does not match the supporting paragraphs you have written.  If you write your thesis first and then the supporting paragraphs – check back on the thesis to see if it matches the rest of the argument you made, when you find a mismatch you need to make changes so that your essay is stronger)

Don’t worry about constructing the rest of an introductory paragraph, especially during timed testing – the thesis statement is acceptable to stand alone if the supporting paragraphs can meet the rest of the requirements of the essay.   

Do make sure that your thesis addresses all parts of the question being asked – often the prompt for an essay specifies areas of analysis such as political sphere, economic structure, or the influence of religion. Other components to include can be (one or all of these):  time period(s), region(s), and/or specified populations

Do try to show thought or analysis for the reasons for why things have happened or the motivations for actions/ beliefs/ innovations….    The challenge of the AP essay is not only demonstrating knowledge but also indicating depth of thought.  Higher scores are achieved when students have essays which reflect historical thinking skills.

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