Intuit Case Study Analysis Grading

Company: Intuit, Inc.
Contact: Gretchen Harding, senior marketing manager at Intuit
Location: Mountain View, CA
Industry: Software (Accounting), B2B
Annual revenue: $2,670,000,000
Number of employees: 8200

Quick Read

Inspired by the popularity and viral success of Office Max's "Elf Yourself" campaign, Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, recently set out to determine whether a similar strategy might enhance its marketing efforts and creatively engage small-business customers.

Together with interactive agency EVB, the company developed "The Jingle Generator" to assist users in creating customized business jingles, which can then be forwarded to customers/colleagues and downloaded for future use.

Throughout the program, users are encouraged to learn more about the company's QuickBooks product and download a free version of the software in exchange for accepting communications from the Intuit sales team.

To date, more than 25,000 jingles have been created, and the company has exceeded its targeted metrics for usage and free software downloads (i.e., leads), earning viral a secure spot in the company's overall marketing mix.


Intuit Inc. is a provider of business and financial management solutions, including QuickBooks software products.

Traditionally, the company has used direct marketing and Web promotions on its retail sites to publicize the QuickBooks product. In 2008, however, Intuit aspired to reach potential customers—especially hard-to-reach Generation X/Y small-business owners—through alternate means that would also test viral marketing as an effective technique for engaging this audience.

"We were really looking for something to break through the clutter with small business customers," said Gretchen Harding, senior marketing manager at Intuit. "Accounting has the reputation of not being the most fun thing you can do, and small-business people are real people who are not only focused on that piece of the business. We wanted something with a lighter attitude that would allow them to have fun."


Inspired by the popularity and viral success of Office Max's "Elf Yourself" campaign, Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, in August 2008 launched an online campaign developed in cooperation with San Francisco-based interactive agency EVB.

The campaign revolves around the Jingle Generator, an interactive Web site designed to help small businesses create custom jingles. On the site, users select from a list of 20 industries for which special lyrics have been created to the tune of "Your Love" by The Outfield. Users then supply basic information to be incorporated into their jingles: company name, address, phone number, and URL—all of which can be either recorded by phone or entered on the site using the "text to voice" option.

Fictional character Tommy Silk, who epitomizes the '80s rock star—Intuit's attempt to "reach into the experience of many core customers" but also make it "'campy' enough to appeal to a younger audience," according to Harding—leads users through the process then presents them with their "tracks" along with cassette-sized cover art.

Users can then download their jingles for various uses (including company messaging, ringtones, etc.), forward them on to friends, and upload to social-networking profiles.

Throughout the site, several links to "Learn more about QuickBooks" or "Get back to business with free stuff from QuickBooks" connect users to a page where they can find out more about the bookkeeping software and download a free version (in exchange for permission to receive communications from Intuit).

In addition, QuickBooks packaging is placed in plain view in various scenes during the jingle-making process, and a couple of comments from Tommy Silk—such as "Got a lot of time of your hands? So do I now that I've been using QuickBooks"—plug the software while users enter their information on the site.

To promote the Jingle Generator, Intuit has used a variety of organic social-marketing techniques, including the following:

  • Blogger outreach: Intuit contacted bloggers with whom it already had working relationships to share the campaign story.
  • Participation on forums and blogs: The company also joined in conversations on forums and blogs that relate to small-business issues, '80s music, social marketing, etc. Company representatives aim to add value to the conversation when posting responses and do not solely promote the site.
  • Social-networking sites: The company posted a video on YouTube, and profile pages for Tommy Silk were established on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Participating Intuit team members help build awareness by adding Tommy as a friend or follower to their personal networks and "re-tweeting" Tommy's posts.
  • Shared examples: Early in the campaign, employees were encouraged to create their own custom jingles on the site and forward them to friends and family members, especially small-business owners, who might have an interest in the software.

In addition, the Jingle Generator site has been featured on 30+ Intuit Web sites, and about two months into the campaign the company invested in a media buy on YouTube, using both search and in-video ads to link users to the campaign's YouTube video and


The campaign has exceeded all of Intuit's objectives for the number of jingles created (currently more than 25,000), visitor time spent on the site, forwarded jingles, and free software downloads (i.e., leads).

"We have experienced a huge amount of traffic," said Harding. "During the month of August, we had one-third of the usual traffic we receive on on the Jingle Generator site."

Tommy has also accumulated more than 300 friends on Facebook and 68 followers on Twitter. His YouTube video has been viewed over 20,400 times.

"We have found that using a viral campaign is a viable means for expanding reach, relative to the other methods we were already using," said Harding.

Lessons Learned

By identifying measurable metrics and tracking and testing throughout, Intuit has been able to continuously optimize the campaign in progress and better understand which tactics may be effectively used in future campaigns.

For example, Intuit was able to increase the volume of users who forward jingles through the Jingle Generator site by 20%, and double the number of overall recipients, by simplifying its "forward to a friend" form: specifically, allowing users to copy and paste addresses into the form and increasing the number of friends' addresses that can be entered.

Intuit also learned that although it enjoyed a strong launch using only organic social-marketing techniques, it could have had even better results had it also engaged in media buys from the start.

"That combination of using organic and amplified social marketing techniques paid off, and we plan to do more of that in the future," said Harding, adding that the company will likely initiate paid ads earlier in the campaign next time.

In addition, by continuing to make adjustments and tracking conversions, the company has been able to optimize its YouTube ad placements to better reach its target market rather than all users.

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Based on this principle, it undergoes changes every day. It also overhauled their website, making it easier to shop online. Next, it’s time to approach the individual or company that you want to feature.

More than a few companies share the highlights of a case study on an internet page, but you need to finish an optin form to receive all the details. The business is now in the practice of attempting to obtain a Levis Girl, which will act as a female foil to Gareth. Many in the business would wonder the way that it might be that the Office team would collect an item program, execute, and ship in time, particularly at the scale. US companies work in the most significant economy on Earth.

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The case studies fall into at least one of these categories of action. Case studies supply a two-pronged approach which helps students learn and appreciate statistics. The case study involves a description of the organization and the background to the issue it was hoping to address. Writing case studies occupies an important portion of technical writing and company content writing. Today you can access 12 of her organization case studies. Among the ideal sample business case studies may be the cola wars in america consumer markets.

Our cases are intentionally very constrained in the total amount of analysis they include, he states. An essential case is defined as having strategic value in connection with the overall issue. Second, cases illustrate what you’ve learned. Instead, a case might be selected as an essential circumstance, chosen due to the inherent interest of the case or the circumstances surrounding it. New free cases will be used regularly.

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Make sure its easy for folks to seek out your case studies. Case studies permit you to learn about real-world organizational difficulties and the way they may be addressed. They are pure gold when it comes to marketing your business. In general, they can be found in both scholarly and non-scholarly business journals, and also on the web sites of business consulting groups. They are specific examples that can fire the imagination of potential customers. At this phase, you can begin writing the case study. Likewise teaching case studies have come to be increasingly well known in science education.

If you publish lots of case studies, include some filtering tools on your website so people may discover the case studies that most match their own circumstance. A case study is basically a success story. For instance, our HBR case study solutions tackle the matter of consumer retention, which many of our clients care about.

Case studies can be produced by obeying an official research technique. A case study is understood to be a study of one individual, group, community, or an occasion. As stated earlier, it’s possible to also use a case study for a lead magnet, either via a standard optin or a content lock. With the assistance of an experienced copywriter it is possible to secure those case studies written and working on your site or in other advertising materials. Build Authority A case study will be able to help you build authority.

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